Nanny for newborn care

  After the delivery of the fetus from the mother gradually adapting to the external environment, major transitions and changes in the physiological stage, intensive care, careful observation, on newborn health and safety is essential.
    at room temperature to warm newborn need 24 0C-25 0C. Baby's body temperature to 36 0C-7 0C is appropriate.
    skin should bathe once a day, before the umbilical cord falls off, subparagraph with warm water shower. Delicate newborn skin, to use the less alkaline baby JL SOAP.
    navel navel shower every day after the inspection, using cotton dipped in alcohol with concentration of 75% disinfection, maintain a clean, dry, not contaminated by urine of umbilical.
    features regular eyes, ears, nose, mouth and cheeks for cleaning, do not use hand-dug neonatal nasal and ear canal.
    sleeping newborns should be supine or lateral position without pillow and lung development and reduce the respiratory disease caused by inhalation of spilled milk.
    urine 1-2 days after the birth stool is green, sticky odorless. After feeding several times becomes golden brown paste. If fecal egg drop soup or has fat particles, infant indigestion, should visit at any time.
    clothes newborn clothes should be loose, soft, diaper absorbent cotton cloth should be used, do not use plastic bag the hip, so as not to cause diaper dermatitis. After washing clothes, diapers should be dried in the Sun, for sterilization purposes.
    avoid newborn avoid suffering from upper respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, skin diseases and other patients. BACK

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