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Baby-proof a partial solar eclipse from infancy

After weaning of children, have begun to form a more complete sense of taste, so children in infancy and early childhood, should pay attention to eating a variety of foods, making it taste perception , and gradually adapt to various taste stimuli. In this way, can make children taste development relatively complete, and effective measures to avoid its partiality and picky eaters.
in childhood taste all perfect before, namely duration of breastfeeding would consciously let them sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty, can prevent partial solar eclipse occurs in the future, but also increases the nutrients.
, Add onion and salt fish soup, put a small amount of pepper and chili soup, noodle soup with rice vinegar, such as weak tea and fresh coffee, a small amount given. As adapted and grew older, gradually increase the amount.
this period should also note that when you add this delicious food, should be mainly a taste, to replace it, must not taste two or more than two, but add some kind of delicious food is not available over a long period. Otherwise, fail to adjust its taste effects caused Eclipse its flavor instead.

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