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Three body alarm you are low on nutrition

Survey of sudden cardiac death in my country are mostly caused due to improper medication. For this reason, many old friends advice, improper use of drugs which can lead to sudden cardiac death? To that end, the network editing according to online records concluded that these 5 types of drugs caused by eating the wrong death.
in recent days, many old friends advice, often fatigue, fatigue, memory loss and other symptoms, what is the reason? This edit based on online video came to the conclusion, once these aging symptoms appear, prompting you to replenish nutrients.
1. was boring: requires vitamin B12 supplementation. Miami Pritikin Longevity Center Dr medical guide dannien·fuluoge, and fatigue are common symptoms of lack of vitamin B12, found in animal protein intake of too few people. Recommends eating twice a day fat-free dairy products, 85-110 grams of lean meat per day. Vitamin B12-rich foods include fish, mussels, clams, oysters and other seafood, lean beef, lean pork, chicken, and fortified cereals.
2. joint pain: need to fill manganese and copper. Sapulpa, Oklahoma Health Research Center Director Dr daier·bidesen said, manganese copper helps keep bone flexibility. Nuts, beef, and spinach contain a lot of manganese and copper. But dietary supplement of manganese, copper is not enough, it should also be combined with medicine. Recommendation Supplement 2 mg copper and manganese 5 mg/day. Joint pain after 2-3 months would be better.
3. amnesia: Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation. Director of the Center for integrative medicine at the University of Arizona andelu·weier Dr, Omega-3 fatty acids is important for brain, intake can cause brain power, memory loss. Get a week over 100 g salmon, herring, sardines and other fish. Again, eat 1 spoonful of walnut, 5 days a week. Finally, 4 times a week, eating 9-12 almonds.

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