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Kitchen has five jiyong

 , Do not use paint or carving engrave engrave chopsticks. Coated chopsticks paint containing lead, benzene and other chemicals harmful to health. Carved bamboo chopsticks look pretty, but dirt, bacteria, it is not easy to clean.
II, avoid using all kinds of color porcelain containing ingredients. Works best with glass dress. Color porcelain disease such as lead, benzene, a carcinogen. With the aging and decay of color porcelain, patterned pigment within the food radon pollution harmful to the human body.
three-bogey wok cooked green beans. Contains elements of tannic acid in mung bean, Dan Ningtie of iron under high-temperature conditions into a black, black mung bean soup, with special smell, not only affect the appetite, taste, and harmful to the human body.
drugs in four, cream stainless steel or iron pot boil. Traditional Chinese medicines contain a variety of alkaloids and various kinds of biological chemicals, under heating conditions, multiple chemical reactions with the stainless steel or iron, drugs, and even have some toxicity.
v, jiyong Wu Bai MU or the smell of wood cutting boards. Wu Baimu contain odors and toxic substances, use it for cutting board not only pollute our dishes, and can easily cause vomiting, dizziness, and abdominal pain. Therefore, making the preferred wood for cutting boards or white tree, cassia nomame wood, Birch and willow.

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