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Home appliance power saving tips

There are a wealth of people don't pay attention to energy saving issues. Consider that to do so, not much to save electricity. Saving is a virtue for any resources should not be wasted. Should not be based on economic grounds of Orange and plenty of. Here to introduce you to some knowledge of the use of electrical appliances, can save a lot of electricity.
1. Microwave oven
microwave power is typically 750 or 850 Watts, although not large power consumption at home, but because of the frequent use, power consumption is also very impressive, if calculating, you can save electricity. In 850 Watts microwave power only, but because of the high starting current, generally starts up to 1000 watts. Therefore, when using the microwave oven, the cooking time to master a variety of dishes, cooked in 10 minutes, not 15 minutes and reduce the number of shutdown to watch, once started, that cooking is complete. To reduce the number of switches, can be placed on the turntable and 2 to 3 containers, boot 1-2-minute setting time can be increased.
2. Air
air conditioning the power consumption in your home in summer "King". When it starts the most power-hungry, and should fully utilize the timing functions, air conditioning do not have to run all night, and keep the interior cool. For example starting at 12 o'clock in the evening, setting for 4 hours. New air conditioning home frequency conversion air conditioner should be preferred, it can be achieved within a short time room temperature setting, and the compressor is not opened frequently, so as to save energy and cooling purposes.
of the TV you want to control the size of the volume, the volume will be greater power. Secondly, to control the brightness of the TV brightness is too large, not only power, and reduce the life of the machine, bad for human vision. Color TV in the difference between the lightest and darkest power consumption 60 Watt. Best to your TV screen with dust cover, because the machine temperature high in the summer, extremely easy to capture dust in the machine. Dust can cause leakage in the machine, increasing power consumption. When not watching TV should turn off the main power switch.
4. Fridge thermostat fridge
apoptosis of the key. Summer should be adjusted to "4" or top, so the refrigerator frequently start with increasing power consumption. It is strictly forbidden to hot food into the refrigerator without cooling. Vegetables, fruits and other foods with more water should wash drain wrapped in plastic bags and then into the refrigerator to reduce moisture evaporation, thickened cream, saving electrical energy.
5. Rice cooker
rice cooker inner pot should be consistent with the hot plate (contact), no debris. When cooking soups, just cooked the extent of the right to cut off the power, lid cover towel and reduces heat loss. Apply a hot or warm water when cooking, hot cooking saves 30%. Rice cooker immediately after use disconnect the plug, to reduce power consumption and extend the service life.

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