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All kinds of clothes washing methods

1, buy new clothes washing
buy new clothes no matter what brand, will to a certain extent faded, so it is best to wash separately from other clothes, and do not add detergent to prevent fading.
2, and chemical fiber clothing of washing
chemical fiber clothing of melting point lower, water temperature not over 40 ℃, cannot forced rub wipe, not twist dry, dehydration 1.5 minutes, low temperature drying, ironing best from opposite ironing
3, and faded clothing of washing
can first will clothing put in 5% of salt warm water in the soaking half hours again wash, also can in washing Shi added few alum can avoid or reduced faded.
4, bright clothes washing
washing is complete, when you rinse, add a small amount of peppermint oil (can substitute toilet water) for 10 minutes, dehydrated 2-3 minutes, tumble dry.
of washing clothes when rinsing, add some strong tea, coffee, beer, water, and clothing can be shiny as ever.
5, and white clothing of washing
should separate washing, to wants to more white, can in rinse completed Hou, in water in the drops 3-5 drops pure blue ink, mix Hou, will clothing immersion 2 minutes dry can, white clothing Shang of yellow stains can in washing Shi in detergent in the added few ammonia and pure blue ink number drops (ginger 100 grams slice, water in the Cook 3 minutes, into oxalic acid number grain, normal cleaning can, white again, fabric yellow wash not out color Shi available) can will yellow stains wash off.
6 wash
, collar shirts shirt collar linen cloth and resin, while washing with detergent solution soak for 15 minutes before gently brushing with a soft brush, do not wring, do not rub.
7 washing dirty clothes, do not add detergent, but increases the number of washing, washing can be added to a small amount of ammonia, the solution is alkaline. Washing
8, tight-fitting clothes with weakly acidic or neutral detergent, do not rub. Add just the right amount of sugar while washing, protective clothing and bounce.
9, and cowboy clothing of washing
wash Qian first will clothing put Yu cold thick brine in the soaking 2 hours, again with SOAP liquid brush wool clothing of washing, General first will clothing into water in the soaking 15 minutes, out into neutral detergent or silk hair dedicated cleaning agent soaking 5-6 minutes, wash Shi don't forced rub wipe, heavy stains part with Brown brush gently scrub, warm water rinse last with cold water, rinse last a again Shi, added few acetate in the and residues of alkaline in the temperature drying.

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