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Floor dressed all by routine service maintenance

laminate flooring maintenance is much simpler than solid wood flooring. When cleaning floors, pay attention to keep the floor dry, do not rinse with lots of water, avoid local long-term flooding the floor. Use neutral detergents when cleaning stains, avoid direct sunlight, rain, humidity, etc.
in addition, pay attention to ventilation, keep indoor temperatures are conducive to extended floor life. Laminate flooring does not need to be painted and waxed, and solid wood flooring is different, do not use sanding and polishing.

2, solid wood flooring solid wood flooring installation and improper use will make qualified products of the same quality. Wood floor maintenance, pay attention to the floor dry and clean.
in the laying of solid wood floors, if you didn't do the ground moisture-proof handle, bathroom and room not ready to isolate, will affect the life of floor. Water soaked or scrubbed with lye, SOAP and water, and may damage the paint gloss; summer without attention to pull the curtains, the bed will change color after sun exposure, the floor appear before cracking; air conditioning temperature was too low, so that day and night temperature change is too large, causing expansion or contraction of the floor too sharply, caused the deformation and cracking of the floor.
in the floor, if individual floor peeling or shedding, should be taking the floor, old gum and ash shovel, apply new glue compaction. Monthly candle is one of the best methods of maintenance, but moisture and stains wipe clean before waxing.
3, solid wood flooring
parquet maintenance compared to solid wood flooring easy. Keep the floor dry and clean without dripping MOP the floor, without lye, SOAP and water can effectively protect floors. If the air is dry, MOP to wet or put a pan of water in the heating, humidifier humidifier can also be used. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible, so that the surface paint long premature aging and cracking under the irradiation of ultraviolet light.
local board surface carelessly contaminated stains should be cleared in a timely manner. If there is oil, dip cloth dipped in warm water a small amount of detergent, washing; if drugs or paint, you must stain penetration at the end such as the surface of the wood prior to clearing. Avoid prolonged contact with the water of the floor, especially in contact with hot water, once had water sprinkled on the floor, in time to dry.
the best wax every three months, to clean up the stains on the surface of the floor before waxing, regular waxing, to keep up the floor finish, extending the life of the floor. Avoid sharp objects to scratch the surface, not on the floor what is too hot, try to avoid drag heavy furniture.
summer heat to the floor "summer"
recently a rare continuous high temperature weather in Chengdu, people were eager to escape the heat, but you want to have wood floors in the House are also needed, "summer"? In the summer heat in hot weather, the floor is contracted out from the most common problems, because under high temperature, internal moisture in wood very volatile, making floor shrinkage, resulting in a floor mosaic at the gap widened, in serious cases, is to stand out, cracking, etc.
enclosure, continuous high temperature is wood flooring out from in the first place. Renovated house unattended for a long time, inside closed airtight, the indoor temperature is very high, housing with drying kiln makes no difference. In such a situation, floor water constantly evaporates, severe contraction joints are inevitable, of course.
it is said that "since the heat is so terrible, then open the air conditioning to keep the temperature down! " But really the equivalent of a dehumidifier. People in air conditioning in room a long time feel special, so wood, air conditioning blowing on the floor for a long time can also cause contractions. In addition, wood flooring is also afraid of sun exposure. Many floors away from the seam in the balcony on the edge or on the edge of the window. Exposure may cause blistering of paint films, discoloration, or even fall off.
still has some characteristics of living after the wood has been cut down, so that when we treat the floor should be more thoughtful. Homes must be occupied with wood floors installed, if it is not immediately check, then it is necessary to keep the ventilation heat. Air conditioning not blowing on the floor as much as possible, feeling dry to make appropriate humidification. Out back the curtains to avoid direct sunlight floor.
floor "killer" careful about
's home life, exactly what "killer" can damage Wood floors? Please you must to open big eyes note see has:
1, and water: for wood quality of natural characteristics, met water, and damp Shi will expansion;
2, and light: wood quality floor for its wood itself of nature, cannot long-term exposed in Sun or UV in, necessary Shi using curtains, shade of real covered;
3, and furniture weights: furniture, and table, and Chair mobile or using wheel of Chair Shi, easy caused floor scraping injury. Should light took light and in furniture, and table, and chair feet Shang added padded protection, to extended floor of using life;
4, and high temperature items: as avoid will heater or other heating electrical directly placed in floor Shang;
5, and insects: floor in production process in the for high temperature, and high pressure Xia not has termite produced, but may for construction in the of environment itself and caused external insect Ant came in of phenomenon, if occurred this class things please using pesticides spray except insect;
6, and Corrosive: avoid all kinds of pharmaceutical products used on the floor, such as accidentally spilled on the floor and wipe as soon as possible;
7, chemicals: the floor is polluted by solutions such as hair dye, shoe Polish, and difficult to remove. Avoid the use of chemical reagents, wipe floors, or floors will produce albino. Wet chemical cleaning cloths if placed above the floor for a long time would cause the discoloration of the floor.

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